Study in Italy Fair


One of the largest events in Japan introducing Italian study-abroad programs.

Italian Study Abroad Fair

One of the largest events in Japan introducing Italian study-abroad programs.

The event offers a wide variety of information from tourism and short-term language courses, to university enrollments.

It is a rare, annual occasion for collecting information on studying in Italy, where Italian universities (universities, engineering colleges, foreign student universities, and much more), national music academies, vocational schools(such as art, fashion, and culinary schools), and language schools gather and set up their own booths to communicate with potential students.

Anybody can attend the fair and seminars without reservation.
The related events (such as get-togethers) require a reservation.
All events are free of charge.

The 2020 Study Abroad Fair in Italy has been canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Next Edition will be held in November 2021, stay tuned for updates.

Study in Italy for Starters

The “Study in Italy for Starters” section provides overall information on study-abroad programs in Italy.
Any inquiries about different study-abroad options or individual educational institutions are welcome.

School Booths


The “School Booths” section is where you can gather information on schools that interest you, from individual booths set up by Italian schools.

Guests can visit each table to collect information on each school and its surrounding area.

Japanese staff members and assistant interpreters will be present at each booth, supporting communication between the schools and guests.

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees held in English in Italian Universities

Italian schools are globalizing at a rapid pace and many Italian universities and vocational schools now offer degrees held in English. Many of these degrees focus on professional and practical skills that involve industry-academia collaboration, and having an international experience with globally diverse students and faculty will definitely broaden your perspective.

Why are Italian universities chosen?

  1. A rich variety of degrees held in English
  2. An education system where many public schools provide affordable tuition, often less than ¥200,000 a year
  3. A multi-linguistic environment, where students can acquire another language in addition to English

Study-Abroad Seminar

イタリア留学フェア 留学セミナー

The Study-Abroad Seminar provides overall information on studying in Italy, as well as information about: universities participating in the fair, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees held in English, introduction to enrollment procedures, course options in language and vocational schools, and daily-life in Italy.

9th (Sat) 11:00am~6:00pm Study-Abroad Seminar

November 9th is the “Seminar day”, when the participating universities and schools give presentations. The audience will be introduced to a variety of universities and vocational schools, with a focus on “Degrees held in English in Italy”

Overall guidance on studying in Italy
Universities and vocational schools
Degrees held in English
University enrollment procedures
Vocational schools for fashion, design, cooking and more

10th (Sun) 11:00am~3:30pm

Seminars on sightseeing information, high school exchange programs, course options at language schools, career options after studying in Italy, and more

Study-Abroad Episode

The “Study-Abroad Episode” section is an opportunity to hear the stories of student life in Italy, where past participants of study-abroad courses will share their stories.

The atmosphere of Italian cities, daily life as a student, how to study, how to manage paperwork and enrollment procedure, useful things to know, and what to look out for before going to Italy.

Those with actual experience will be ready to answer any of these questions.

Related Events

During the Study in Italy Fair, related events such as get-together sessions and the Italian Language Ability Test will be held in the venue.

How to get there


Italian Cultural Institute


ZIP:102-0074 2-1-30, Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-Ward, Tokyo